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The wood company suspected of an illegal export has made links with European authorities from inside IBAMA, notes PF - 05/26/2021 - Environment

The wood company suspected of an illegal export has made links with European authorities from inside IBAMA, notes PF – 05/26/2021 – Environment

Suspected export of illegal timber to the United States, Belgium and Denmark a Sign Up He made calls to authorities in European countries using phones from Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).

The information is recorded in a report by the Federal Police that supports Akuanduba process.

Tradelink Madeiras issued 153,597 CE3 ipê and jatobá from amazon Without export permission from IbamaAccording to the investigation documents. The containers were destined for the United States, Belgium and Denmark.

In the US territories, the Ibama Equivalent Authority (FWS) found the alleged violation, recorded the information in a document and reported it to the Palestinian Police.

The notes, sent through the US Embassy in Brazil, were the starting point of the investigation that resulted in Operation Akuanduba, which began on May 19.

The Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles, and the President of Ibama, Eduardo Beam, have been investigated and have been the target of searches, seizures, and breaches of bank and phone secrecy.

The PF report records how Tradelink acted to regulate alleged ipe and jatoba loads, based on FWS reports.

According to the document, there is information from environmental or customs authorities in Belgium and Denmark that they received calls from Tradelink “were made via the phone stations of the Ibama watchdog in Pará”.

The calls were said to have taken place during the actions of these authorities regarding illegal shipments of wood originating in Brazil. The registration was carried out by the US authorities, based on an exchange of information with officials from European countries.

The content was reported to the PF, as well as suspicions of wrongdoing and corruption involving logging and environmental officials in Jair Bolsonaro’s government.

The PF report cites other evidence of a logging operation inside Ibama in Pará, and this note was made in the document prepared by the FWS attachment at the United States Embassy in Brazil, Brian Landry.

In a “consensual interview” conducted with a FWS member, according to the letter, a Tradelink International representative stated that since the illegal goods were confiscated abroad, the Timber Company “has put someone in the Ibama office in Belém to sit there. The whole time. Days and make sure to release.” About shipments. “

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This evidence was cited in the decision of Alexandre de Morais, Minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) that authorized the Akuanduba process.

In the same letter, FWS said that it has opened an investigation into Tradelink USA, its purchasing practices, import history from Brazil, and “possible involvement in corrupt practices, fraud and other crimes.”

“All shipments were carried out by the company in accordance with environmental and tax rules, which were legally required at the time of shipment,” Tradelink said in a note. “It is the Federal Environmental and Revenue Agency that issues documents for exporting products of forest origin.”

The company said that it is cooperating with the Brazilian and US authorities and that all inquiries made within the scope of the investigation will be answered.

“Tradelink and other companies are limited to adhering to the law and submitting the required documents,” he said.

In a memo, Ibama said that the investigation was a farce by the representative in charge. “It is clear that he testified by some civil servants involved in politics and accordingly he falsified a false narration to mislead Minister Alexandre de Moraes.”

According to PF investigation, Tradelink started to pressure Ibama to organize the seized shipment in USA, Belgium and Denmark.

Reportedly, the agency’s director in Barra, Walter Magalhaes Jr., faced pressure from logging companies and issued five certificates attesting to the regularity of exports. The testimonies were irregular, according to police.

The report on which the operation was based states that in the case of Magalhaes Junior, filed in the São Paulo BM Reserve, the crimes of facilitating smuggling, administrative advocacy, granting permission for non-approval of environmental standards and the obstacle to environmental inspection by the government. Negative corruption and criminal organization offenses are also investigated.

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When asked about Magalhães Jnior’s behavior, Ibama did not respond.

In February 2020, the President of Ibama signed the An interpretive office Which eliminated the need for timber export permits. He sent a letter to the foreign authorities to settle the seized illegal shipments.

The matter was suspended by decision of the STF, and Bim was removed from his position for a period of 90 days.

They are also already Was configured In the case of the President of Ibama, according to the police, crimes of facilitating smuggling, administrative advocacy, and difficulties in conducting environmental inspections.

In a note he sent earlier on the suspicions raised by the front, including those directed against the outgoing president, Ibama said, “The facts will be fully clarified in the investigation records.”

The minister’s lawyer, Ricardo Salles, Fernando Fernandez, said, “Everything Research issues In the records of the investigation. “

For the Palestinian Police, in the case of sawn wood, the offense of misdirection has already been prepared and there must be a deepening of investigations into suspected active corruption, criminal organization and the obstacle to environmental inspections.

Referred documents [pela autoridade americana] It has brought strong evidence of an extremely complex series of behaviors carried out by agents from the public and private sectors in Brazil, with a clear intention to assign legitimacy to wood preserved of Brazilian origin, ”PF said in the report.

There is a suspicion that false information has been entered into an official monitoring system regarding the Tradelink shipment. When the wood was already in the US, the situation was in order that the shipments were still in the Brazilian port, according to the PF.

“Tradelink is the constant culprit, with valuations totaling around R $ 8 million,” the report quotes.

Financial Intelligence Reports From Coaf (Financial Activities Control Board) indicates five reports of suspicious transactions by Tradelink, according to PF, with credits totaling R $ 114.5 million since 2019.

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Fragmentation of cash withdrawals and movement of amounts inconsistent with monthly bills, as well as uncertainties in international transfers are indicated.

Tradelink Status Chronology:

January 10, 2020
The US FWS, the equivalent of Ibama, has seized three wooden containers of Brazilian origin for inspection at the Port of Savannah, Georgia. The shipments were sent by Tradelink. Since there is no documentation from Ibama regarding the appearance of the shipments, FWS requested Ibama for information

January 17
According to a report issued by the US Embassy to the Federal Police, Ibama reported that the shipments had not been analyzed by the relevant sector and that wrong data had been entered into the monitoring system. The institute also said Tradelink has exported the timber without prior notice or permission

January 24
Tradelink evaluated by Ibama: “153,597 cubic meters of treated wood sold, without a license valid for the entire period of transport, granted by the relevant authority, as there is no export license by Ibama”

February 5
FWS received letters from Ibama in Para and Tradelink in an effort to secure the release of the shipment. Despite the previously reported illegality, the IBAMA documents began legalizing the shipment of goods

February 21
A representative of the FWS and the US Embassy in Brasilia met with the President of Ibama, Eduardo Beam, to discuss the conflicting communications. According to the embassy, ​​police said FWS has expressed concern about possible inappropriate behavior by government officials and / or Tradelink representatives.

February 25
FWS received a copy of Order No. 7036900/2020-GABIN, signed from Eduardo Beam. It was this order, which was later repealed by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF, that allowed the regulation of wood illegally exported to other countries, according to the PF