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The woman who is proud of the 'biggest lips in the world' wants her breasts enlarged

The woman who is proud of the ‘biggest lips in the world’ wants her breasts enlarged

Singer and influencer Andrea Ivanova, 24, who became famous for having the “world’s largest lips”, now wants to leave her native Bulgaria to enlarge another part of her body, her breasts. There is no shortage of invites for this, as many followers, out of the 20k who follow her on her Instagram profile, have already offered to help her achieve her next goal.

The filler fan says her looks attract wealthy fans who want to please her, whether by helping her reach her goals or through invitations to travel the world.

“Every day many different fans from all over the world send me thousands of messages on my social networks and invite me to go on vacation in different countries and even on continents, but I have not gone on vacation with a fan yet, but maybe one day Andrea said in an interview with British Daily Star newspaper.

Andrea currently travels frequently for other reasons, including her main hobbies: singing and undergoing surgery.

“I travel abroad while participating in singing competitions and festivals. At the moment, my favorite destination is Turkey and Greece, as I have visited several times in different cities,” he declared.

In her posts, she claims that she set a record after receiving 30 injections of hyaluronic acid into her lips, which helped her achieve a “full frown,” as she puts it.

“I have done all my interventions and procedures in the city where I live, in Sofia, but I am planning to have my next breast augmentation surgery in Turkey or Germany, because there are also very good specialists in those countries,” he told the tabloid.

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Andrea, who has even had her cheeks enlarged, also faced cosmetic procedures to shape her chin, jawline, lengthen her face, and reshape it with different types of fillers.

“I now have an elongated face and chin,” he noted.

medical tourism

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Many Europeans immigrate to Turkey for dental treatment, silicone implants, and other cheap surgeries.

Andrea believes that “the reason many women travel abroad for plastic surgery is that sometimes in other countries there are better clinics and plastic surgeons.” “Of course, there are women who go to another country for their plastic surgery to save money, because the prices for these interventions are much cheaper in some countries.

The model body has become an attraction wherever you go

Andrea says that when she travels, there are always a lot of other people around and reactions range from positive to negative.

“People always resort to looking at me, commenting on me, and whispering to each other.” Some even point fingers and discuss my appearance and some whistle, but there are those who laugh and mock, and of course there are people who come to me and congratulate me and want to take pictures with me. ”

And about care during trips, she says keeping a famous frown on the road isn’t a problem.

“My concern with my lips is to constantly moisturize them, as my lips are large and thick, and contain a lot of hyaluronic acid. It is necessary to moisturize them constantly with different creams and lip balms so that they do not dry out.”

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