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The woman presents herself as a winner of the Forgotten Mega-Sena Award in SP; Procon notifies Caixa – Brazil

Procon reported Friday that a woman sought the organ claiming to be the winner of a prize of R $ 162 million 2020 mega transformation. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, the winner will have up to 90 days to appear – The deadline expired on March 31.

Procon CEO Fernando Kibes informed that Caixa would be notified, as it was her duty to search for a winner. “Caixa has the means to determine a winner. We want to know if the consumer who came to us was actually the one who won the lottery,” he said. “It is unreasonable for Caixa to know who is the winner and not to report that,” he added.

The agency responsible for consumer protection and protection in Brazil reported that Caixa had already been notified in March to identify the bettor and make the payment. According to Brocon, the 90-day period for claiming prizes is based on a decree-law passed in 1967, when there was no electronic betting with the possibility of determining the winner.

By a note, Caixa informs that “According to Law 13.756 / 2018, it is exclusively up to the bookmaker to request the receipt of lottery prizes within 90 days. The law also provides that any prize that no one claimed during the deadline is passed on to Fies (Student Funding Fund). “.

Procon requests a change of the future betting base. “If Caixa is in a position to determine who won and did not do so by awarding the prize for other purposes, then this means unfair enrichment by the public authorities,” says Kipz. Caixa claims that identification is never done for the sake of the bettor’s security.

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