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The WhatsApp update takes the sticker creation process into a hands-on way

The WhatsApp update takes the sticker creation process into a hands-on way

WhatsApp quickly became popular in the lives of Brazilians and stickers took over the app. The way Brazilians express themselves is entirely through memes and the idea of ​​creating through WhatsApp has left a lot of people excited, so it is important to have a working creation of stickers.

WhatsApp provides a tool to create stickers and stickers. But we warn you that the new functionality is only implemented on WhatsApp Web.

For smartphone users, the new update is not expected to reach mobile platforms. However, the company intends to simplify the process.

So far, for WhatsApp users on mobile devices, they still have to download third-party sticker making apps.

How not to enter WhatsApp Web?

Before you know how to create your own stickers, we’ll show you how to first connect via the web to WhatsApp, check it out!

Access WhatsApp Web from your desktop (computer), it can be accessed through the browser by reading the QR code.

Open WhatsApp via cell phone and select the three dots (menu) in the upper right corner of the screen, when clicking, go to the option of connected devices.

Next, tap on the option Connect to a device, and the camera will be activated automatically.

Then open the WhatsApp Web in your browser, which can be easily found on google. The site will display a QR code.

Then, with the camera on your phone activated, point to the QR code displayed on your computer screen, it should take a few seconds.

After that you are already connected via WhatsApp Web!

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How are statues made?

Now let’s get to the best part! Make stickers, check it out!

With someone’s chat open on your computer, click the paperclip icon next to where you’re writing messages.

There will appear the option of stickers, tap on it.

It will open a file folder on your computer, there you have to select the image you want to make the poster.

Then, just use the tools that appear automatically to make the sticker your way. Finally, when you’re done, just save and submit!

This makes it easier and more practical to make the best and most creative stickers.

Now that you know the steps for creating posters in a practical way, send this article to your friend, who will also want to know about it.

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