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NGOs criticize US for sending plastic waste to Latin America - 12/17/2021

The West warns Russia of “serious consequences” in the event of aggression against Ukraine – 01/24/2022

BERLIN, January 24, 2022 (AFP) – Leaders from the United States and several European countries, including Germany, have reiterated their “unconditional” support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and warned Russia of “serious consequences” in the event of an invasion. . , the German government announced on Monday (24).

The German chancellor’s spokesman, Olaf Scholz, told the German chancellor’s spokesman, Olaf Schulz, that the participants “agreed on the need for Russia to take clear initiatives to de-escalate” this conflict, after a video conference in which he participated with leaders from the United States, France, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. .

The holding of this video conference was announced a little earlier by the White House, when some disagreements arose in the Western sphere about the attitude to be adopted towards Russia.

This relates in particular to Germany, which Ukraine is highly critical of for refusing to provide arms, even defensive ones, as the United States, Britain or the Baltic states do.

Similarly, EU countries have not yet decreed the departure of part of their diplomatic staff from Ukraine, at a time when the US and UK have already moved in this direction.

In a video conference, in which NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also took part, Western leaders expressed “grave concern” about the stationing of Russian forces on Ukraine’s eastern border and accused Russia of causing “existing tensions,” according to the German statement.

But they considered that “the issue of security and stability in Europe can be resolved through negotiations.”

Western leaders also stressed their readiness to continue diplomatic efforts in this direction, which began in January with several meetings between Western and Russian officials, without success so far.

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