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The webview of the IR 2022 announcement will be evaluated |  brazil news |  Online diary

The webview of the IR 2022 announcement will be evaluated | brazil news | Online diary

The 2021 income tax filing deadline will begin next week, but taxpayers should really start preparing themselves so they don’t run into any harassment with the IRS.

One of them is the risk of a lion being hunted due to showing off on social media. It does not mean that it is prohibited, but it is necessary that the advertisement depicts the reality of the taxpayer.

“Federal revenue inspectors cross information about declared assets with posts on social networks. If they show a luxury life that does not match what has been stated, the taxpayer is in a good net. The truth is that most people have no idea that this type of scrutiny is taking place” Explains Samir Nehme, president of the Regional Accounting Council of Rio de Janeiro (CRCRJ).

Check IR 2021

The expert explains that the check is made when the information sent by the taxpayer in the returns is processed by the supercomputers responsible for data transit, including credit card or real estate transactions and financial transactions, and the discrepancies are revealed.

Samir explains that profiles are not randomly selected. Only after the system charges cases with potential discrepancies, inspectors compare the information the taxpayer provides with what he publishes on the web. Given that Brazilians expose their routines on the networks, it’s not hard to tell when a statement doesn’t match up with reality.

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“Once it gets caught up in the fine net, the IRS requests clarification from the taxpayer. The act of non-payment of tax does not, in and of itself, constitute tax evasion, which is an offense under Law No. 9137/90, but when fraud is made clearer, for example, Manipulation of amounts in documents associated with non-payment of tax due, ”explains the accountant.

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If tax evasion is determined, in addition to the collection of tax and a fine – which can be up to 225% of the amount of tax due, the criminal charge is reported to the Public Prosecution Office, and in case of evasion it can lead to imprisonment from two to eight years.

Malha fina

There are three main reasons for falling into micro-networks: First, the omission of income information. Second, improper deduction for official or private social security, followed by a mismatch between the amounts of medical expenses and declared income.

They are less frequent, but also worthy of attention: disparate information from sources of payment, commission on income from rentals, alimony with evidence of falsehood.