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The vote indicates who leaves after the Prova da Virada · TV News

The vote indicates who leaves after the Prova da Virada · TV News

Anahí Rodrighero, Brenno Pavarini and MC Mari are in the second danger zone of A Grande Conquista. The hot seat was formed on Wednesday (22) after Caio Pironi’s victory at the Prova da Ferrada. Who should stay on Record’s reality show? Vote in the poll the news.

During the live broadcast of the program, Rachel Scheherazade invited the players to compete. Only one of them will be free from the risk of elimination and will have to send a competitor in his place.

In the testing area, the presenter explained how the activity worked. “You have to place one ball at a time at the beginning of the path. The goal is to direct five balls, without letting them fall into the spaces.”

“After placing the balls in the correct place, you can pull the lever to release three new balls, which are necessary for the shooting phase. Whoever hits the three balls in the spaces and activates the Gyroflex first wins the test,” Moghadam continued.

After many attempts in the final stage, Kayo was able to overcome him and get out of the danger zone. The army officer had to choose a competitor to step into the spotlight in his place. He was targeting MC Mari.

“My choice is in line with the way I play, and with what I’ve been through, I’ve been criticized a lot. This is the person who ended up buying other people’s hype. It’s MC Mari,” the cornered man declared.

Lucas Souza’s friend was nominated for the danger zone by the house vote of the palace owners. The players chose between him and Joao Haddad. Perino was nominated by the owners, while Anahi was chosen after receiving 4 votes from the House of Representatives. She tied it up with Guipa, and the blacksmith broke the tie, bringing the model before the eyes of the public.

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