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The video shows billions of years of moving tectonic plates

The video shows billions of years of moving tectonic plates

tectonic plates They are large masses that make up the Earth’s lithosphere and are in constant motion, driven by the forces of the Earth’s interior. Through studies, it was possible to find out what happened in a billion years on these plates. Therefore, in today’s article, we will show you what happened in the shift of tectonic plates in that time period.

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movement of tectonic plates

The movement of tectonic plates is directly related to climate, tidal patterns, animal evolution, volcanic activity, and mineral production. Therefore, it can be said that the study of this movement is necessary to understand the changes that occurred on the planet during that period.

This study is carried out through geological records that provide data on the historical locations of plate tectonics. This study allows scientists to predict how viable the planet will be in the future and where we will find mineral resources.

Scientists have struggled to understand this movement and its impact on Earth and were able, through a 40-second video, to show changes in plate tectonics over a billion years.

How do the plates move?

This movement occurs slowly and gradually, that is, it gradually affects the changes in the Earth. It is possible to imagine that Antarctica, known globally for being a cold and icy place, was once a hot and ideal place for a summer vacation.

The video allows us to visualize this slow and gradual motion in a very dynamic way, enhancing an enchanting dance for your eyes in just 40 seconds.

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Although there is a lot of knowledge about this movement, scientists still have some doubts about the first formation of these plates and some more specific details. They are constantly fighting to remove these doubts and promote a better understanding every day.