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The video lesson will reveal the golden rules for any scientific step

The video lesson will reveal the golden rules for any scientific step

July 12, 2021 – 3:58 pm
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The activity is free and will happen in this the fourth (14/7)

Entrepreneurship in the world of science can be easier when we can efficiently demonstrate the value of our business. With this in mind, this month’s Conexão Secitece project will strengthen this the fourthFriday (14) at 4 p.m. Video lesson “Surviving in Science: The Golden Rules of a spit Scientific ”, with consultant and speaker Rodrigo Tavares.

Registration is now open through Sympla, click here. Places are limited and participants will receive a certificate.

In this activity Rodrigo will teach what spit And how to take advantage of this technology to excel in the world of entrepreneurship. Participants will learn how to create a scenario and use public speaking to influence the presentation of their work and research.

Meet the coach

Rodrigo Tavares Business Director from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), entrepreneur, and for 15 years, speaker and facilitator in the areas of high-impact presentations, storytelling, public speaking, public speaking, slide design, entrepreneurship and innovation. | He was Professor at Graduate Institute – IPOG, Member of Ceara Speakers Guide, Member of Ceara Young Entrepreneurs Association – AJE, Partner Facilitator of Ceara Regional Accounting Council – CRC-CE, and Partner Mentor of the Innovation Center. Nordeste (HUBINE – BNB), member of Mentores do Brasil, mentor of the Digital Corridors project (Ceará State Government) and columnist for the Inova Mundo portal. Invited by MIicrosoft to evaluate the presentations of the Imagine Cup 2017 Emerging Finalists; Mentor for the Sua Ideia na Practica event. He is the creator of the UpMakers Project at the BEPiD/Academia Apple Lab (at IFCE), and the founder of the Startup Mentoring Project at Faculdade Grande Fortaleza – FGF. The first Casa Digital Hackathon was held in partnership with the City of Fortaleza and the State Department for Science and Technology during Knowledge Fair 2017. He was an organizational consultant at Gomes de Matos Consultores Associados, consultant and co-founder of Dialogus Consultoria and Director of MPEs and Solidarity Economy at the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development of Fortaleza – SDE.

About Secitece Connection

Secitece Connection Project July Dedicated to the theme “Science”, referring to the Day of Science and the Scholar, which is celebrated on 8/7. The initiative is implemented by the Department of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Secitece). Each month, a central topic is covered under different aspects by professionals in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, health, education, science and technology. There is life, webinars, podcasts, video lessons – everything to bring knowledge in an uncomplicated way to a growing audience, through the use of digital communication platforms.

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Secitece Connection Project – Monthly Schedule July (topic: science)
Video Category – 7/14
Theme: “Survival in science: the golden rules of scientific discourse”
Time: 16 hours
Applications opened by Sympla, click here (Limited places and participants will receive a certificate)