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The video compares the remake with the PS4 port

The video compares the remake with the PS4 port

NaughtyDog continues to invest in launching content from Our last part one. In the latest video released by the studio, a new comparison between the PS4 version and the new PS5-ready version, which will be released on September 2, has been shared by the studio.

The trailer shows one of the game’s first moments, when Joel, Tommy, and Sarah (the hero’s daughter) escape the city shortly after the fungus begins to appear in humans. Check out below how photos are evolving using new technologies:

Over the past few weeksThere have been many discussions about the quality of the first part of The Last of Us, both by the community and by the developers. How to play, according to the designerscompletely renovated, but does not have all the features Our last 2 Do not stop “Break” the game.

Plus, those responsible for the project weren’t happy to see details surfaced online ahead of the official announcements. According to them, in addition to the content being of very low quality, this was a “disappointing” thing for the team.

In addition to the PS5 version, the first part of The Last of Us will also be released for PC. According to the designers, the game will reach PCs Soon after it appeared on PS5.

5 things have changed and 5 things have not changed at the end of us part 1

Given the latest discoveries surrounding The Last of Us Part I, a team at MyPlaystation List five similarities and five differences from the original game to the PS5 remake. Check it out here!

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