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Canada leads Mexico in qualifying round (2-1);  USA tie with Jamaica

The USDA says it sold 264,400 tonnes of wheat in the week 2021/22

Sao Paulo, Jan. 13 – U.S. exporters sold 264,400 tonnes of wheat from the 2021/22 crop for the week ended Jan. 6, according to a statement from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Thursday. The peak in the business year is significantly higher than last week, but represents a 20% decline compared to the average of the previous four weeks.

During the week, major buyers were the Philippines (50,000 tonnes), Mexico (42,300 tonnes), Algeria (33,000 tonnes), Japan (26,800 tonnes) and Jamaica (22,000 tonnes), offsetting cancellations made by the French Antilles (11,500 tonnes). t).

The sum of the two crops was within the estimate consulted by the analysts Dow Jones Newswire, Is expected to be between 175 thousand and 400 thousand tons per week.

Exports during the period totaled 258.4 thousand tonnes, an increase of 23% over the previous week and 2% over the previous four weeks. Japan (60.3 thousand tons), Indonesia (60.3 thousand tons), Mexico (56.1 thousand tons), Nicaragua (33 thousand tons) and Taiwan (28.5 thousand tons) were the major destinations during that period.

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