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The US Supreme Court may rule on Trump's disqualification

The US Supreme Court may rule on Trump's disqualification

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Former US President Donald Trump.

In the context of the presidential election, the Supreme Court of the United States may announce a new decision on Monday (4). An announcement on the court's website sparked speculation that a new opinion on Donald Trump's unfitness might be issued.

The content of the decision has yet to be confirmed, but the issue surrounding Trump's candidacy should be discussed before the vote in Colorado. This week, 'Super Tuesday' primaries take place, on which several states vote simultaneously for the nation's presidential candidates.

Whatever the decision, Trump will appear in the polls. However, if the court rules that he is ineligible, then the electorate Trump Their selection may be cancelled.

The opinion could determine whether Trump participates in the general election in November and whether a new rule should be enacted for states facing the same issue.

In early February, the Supreme Court heard from six Colorado voters who supported Trump's disqualification. They argued about the former president's comments on January 6, 2021, the date of the invasion of the US capital, based on the policy of insurgency.

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