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The US nuclear submarine is conducting military maneuvers in the Colombian Sea

The US nuclear submarine is conducting military maneuvers in the Colombian Sea

A U.S. nuclear submarine lands off the coast of Colombia during a tactical defense exercise. The maneuvers were carried out jointly between the two countries and were attended by about 600 men and women from both countries. The move comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin sharpened the country’s anti-nuclear forces following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Colombian newspaper, two Colombian warships and a submarine carried out tactical moves in conjunction with a warship and the US nuclear submarine Minnesota. El Timepo. The maneuver lasted seven hours.

“As part of this bilateral defense exercise, we built the first nuclear submarine in Colombian waters,” he told the Associated Press. El Timepo Captain Hector Gonzalez of the Warship, Commander of the ARC Almondo Patila Warship.

Called the Minnesota, the submarine is 110 meters long, has a displacement capacity of 7,000 tons and is capable of carrying more than 300 crew.

The exercises took place in the midst of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, in which 2,040 civilians were injured and 352 killed, including 16 children.

Today we must take into account that Colombia is a global partner of NATO and we must live up to what that means.
Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Perez CorseCommander of the National Navy.

The military maneuvers were by sea and air: the ships were taken away by two planes and two helicopters.

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