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The US is preparing laws against digital trust funds, which should affect Amazon, Apple and Google Link

Senate votes on bill affecting big tech companies

On Thursday, the 20th, the US Senate debated in the last committee a bill that would prevent any digital platform from favoring its own products and services. Another project, due to be discussed next week, wants to force companies like Apple and Google to allow apps to be installed on mobile phones without going through official app stores. It wasn’t long before they were put to a vote in plenary. Lobbyists Silicon Valley They are spread all over Washington.

The two bills, which will be on the voting agenda, do not stir up much debate among politicians and have won support from both Republicans and Democrats after two years of intense debate.

The first is the Online Innovation and Choice Act and it was put up for debate yesterday in the Senate equivalent of the Constitution and Justice Committee there. The goal is simple and clear. the google browser You cannot use your own search engine to provide your other services first. the Amazon You cannot list products from your line before others. Regardless of the technology company, the platform will not be able to use its popularity to promote its other services and products.

The second law is the Open Application Markets Law. In essence, it breaks the monopoly of the app stores. Those who have an iPhone no longer have the only source to download an app from An apple. You can download from a web link, it doesn’t matter. Apple no longer has that power. It’s not just for mobile phones – it’s for video game consoles or something else.

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Companies like Google and Apple, of course, immediately needed it. Its CEOs are on every American TV channel, they give interviews to newspapers, and they have published articles. Lobbyists roam the halls of Congress. Of these two laws, the giants are most concerned about the enforced violation of the monopoly of stores. The companies argue that they can now guarantee privacy and security controls for the apps that users download. If they lose the ability to filter what is presented, our machines will become infested with viruses, and they will be attacked.

This is correct. It’s also true that businesses will lose the fortune of the percentages they currently earn from every purchase made in app stores.

The two projects come from the discussion in the committee to the plenary. They must be approved by both the House and the House and the Senate, and then they go on to the presidential sanction. President Joe Biden has already vowed to punish both. The expectation is that the laws will be issued this year 2022.