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The United States says there will be ‘consequences’ if Nalwani dies in prison – International

You United States Warned this Sunday Russia A Kremlin critic called the “consequences” o Opposite Alexei Navalni, Die in prison. “Based on the specific actions we take, we are taking note of the various restrictions we are imposing. I will not telegraph this publicly at this time, but we will be in touch as to the consequences if Mr. Navalny dies,” the council’s national security adviser said yesterday. White, Jack Sullivan.

Allies say the Russian opposition’s health in prison is deteriorating and that he could “die at any time.”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss, Told the newspaper Picture EU foreign ministers will discuss the case yesterday.

Navalny, 44, is the most important critic of the Russian president. Vladimir Putin. He began his hunger strike almost three weeks ago in protest of prison officials’ refusal to allow him to be examined by a private doctor. He has been complaining of severe back pain and paralysis in the legs. The Russian prison service says he is receiving adequate care.

On Saturday, test results sent by a doctor, the Navalny family, showed significant levels of potassium, which could lead to symptoms of heart failure and kidney failure. “Our patient can die at any time,” said Dr. Yaroslav Ashikmin.

This Sunday afternoon, activists called for new mass demonstrations in support of Navalny in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Leonid Volkov, one of Navalny’s top strategists, said his life was “in danger” as protests were called for a short time this Wednesday. / REUTERS