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The United States is the Olympic champion in women's basketball

The United States is the Olympic champion in women’s basketball

female choice Basketball of the United States beat Japan by 90 to 75 this Saturday (7) and was crowned Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020. As a result, the North Americans reached their seventh straight gold medal, which they won and dominated since Atlanta 1996. They still have other titles, Los Angeles 1984 and Seoul 1988.

It was the first room for balance. The Japanese managed to play better around the perimeter, turning balls with the three important points. But inside the pitcher was the North American team, who was absolutely on defense and offside to divert important balls, and the partial won 23 to 14.

Returning to the match, Japan managed to balance in the second half, trailing by only two points, at 27 to 25. The Asian team continued to invest in the three balls, the best alternative to overcome the opponent’s excellent defense. But the same did not appear in his bottle, as the Americans were able to make great tables and have the power. On the way to the end of the first half, the score was 50 to 39 for the United States.

From the third quarter onwards, Japan halted confrontation, with a portion of 25 to 17. The Japanese continued to struggle with the American defense, which took advantage of excellent counter-attacks to increase the edge on the scoreboard, with 70 to 49 being the biggest advantage. . There were nineteen points at the end of the segment, from 75 to 56.

The final quarter was just a boost to the big game for North Americans, who went on to attack with superiority. The Japanese women even tried to come up with a reaction, but it was too late. The United States finished the match 90-75 and cemented their seventh consecutive Olympic title.

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