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EUA suspendem restrição de entrada a noivos e acompanhantes de menores

The United States is expanding the types of people who can enter

The United States has expanded the list of persons who can enter the country and expanded the list of exceptions in the national interest (NIE). This measure is valid despite travel restrictions restricting the entry of new variants of the corona virus. Information Folha de S. Palo.

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US suspends entry restrictions for newlyweds and minors

The new rule applies to foreigners who are involved with U.S. citizenship, and those who have an employer based in the United States are subject to certain conditions with minors or work in the field of aeronautics.

Currently, the siege is in force for the majority of non-American citizens who have traveled to 26 European countries in Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Schengen area over the past 14 days.

Among the list of exceptions, “transfer observers” include caregivers of children with disabilities or caregivers with specialized medical needs and minors, parents are health professionals at the forefront of Govt-19, or researchers in this field. Trainers and trainers are eligible to enter programs funded by US government agencies.

New President Joe Biden on January 25 imposed travel restrictions on non-American travelers to the United States from Brazil and Europe. Eventually South Africa was added to the list of limitations.

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