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The United States has called for greater control over Twitter after Musk's purchase

The United States has called for greater control over Twitter after Musk’s purchase

The White House reiterated on Monday that social networking sites such as Twitter must pass new rules to the US Congress that will be responsible for “the damage they cause.”

The White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki made the announcement shortly after Twitter announced that it had accepted a $ 44 billion deal to buy South African businessman Elon Musk.

Psaki declined to comment on the “specific transaction” between Musk and Twitter, but said the company’s owner, US President Joe Biden, “has long been concerned about the power of major social media sites.”

“(Biden) has long claimed responsibility for the damage caused by technology sites,” a spokesman said at a news conference.

Psaki added that the US president “strongly supports the implementation of fundamental reforms to achieve this goal, including hopeless reforms that require” greater transparency “in these types of mergers or acquisitions.”

Biden also believes that Section 230 of the Communications Code of Conduct 1996 should be amended, the spokesman recalled.

This section stipulates that large Internet companies are exempt from all legal consequences arising from the content posted on their site and their own content removal because they must be mere intermediaries or channels.

Finally, Zaki said there was “bipartisan interest” in Congress in proposing this kind of reform that “guarantees” Pitton.

Prior to purchasing Twitter, Musk was critical of the social network and questioned whether its rules were “strictly” adhered to the principle of freedom of expression.

His critique raised many uncertainties among Twitter employees, who worried that Musk might use too much power within the company to change its protocol post standards.

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Those rules led to the suspension of accounts of far-right individuals, including former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021), who have been banned from Twitter since January 2021 after the company concluded its news that he had instigated the Capitol Hill attack.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Trump said he did not want to return to Twitter and that he plans to join Truth Social, an alternative social network he promotes.