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The United States has arrested 711 immigrants from Brazil and other countries in the past 20 days

The caravan of immigrants crosses Mexico toward the United States: North American nations want the cooperation they have seen to cope with the influx of immigrants.| Photo: Angel Hernandez / EFE

U.S. border guards in the San Diego area praised the Mexican government’s cooperation in arresting 711 immigrants from Brazil, Venezuela and Portugal from October 23 to November 9. “Mexico’s support continues to play a key role in the fight against smugglers who exploit people for money,” said Aaron Heidge, San Diego patrol leader, in an unusual tone. “We thank them for their support and we will continue our joint effort to bring these criminals to justice,” he added.

“In recent weeks, border patrol agents in the San Diego sector have been dealing with an unusual number of about 50 to 90 migrant groups from Portugal, Venezuela and Brazil,” said Oversight Agent Deke Michael.

On November 4, patrols arrested 75 people from Brazil, Venezuela and Portugal in a truck boutique. The driver and fellow kidnappers from Mexico were arrested. Between October 28 and November 9, border agents confronted another five groups of 43, 49, 73, 84 and 93, mostly Brazilians and Venezuelans. On October 27, security forces detained a group of 67 men, women and children from Brazil and Venezuela. A day earlier, two groups of 86 Brazilians and another 69 nationals were found in the same area. Earlier, on October 23, 72 men, women and children from Brazil and Venezuela were detained while trying to cross the border through a manhole in San Citro.

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The United States wants a new regional immigration program at the US Summit

The U.S. government wants to promote a new framework for managing immigration flows that all countries on the continent can follow, and would like to define it for the US summit to be held precisely in the middle of next year. In US territory. The statement was made by a top US government official during the 9th summit of North American leaders, which brought together US Presidents Joe Biden and Mexican Presidents Andres Manuel Lopez. White House Obrador, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The “Regional Convention on Migration and Security” recognizes that the United States now has a significant number of displaced people for a variety of reasons, and that this trend is unlikely to end in the coming years. “We hope to continue the various events of displacement over the next decade, and we want to take this moment to lay the groundwork for how they should be conducted,” the unnamed source said. “We need to give more support to the communities that receive the most migrants and refugees,” he added. The official recalled that many countries in South America were receiving millions of Venezuelans, Haitians and Cubans, and that secondary movements were now beginning to emerge as a result of the epidemic. “We need to consider how we support these host countries,” he said.