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The United States has announced more than $9 billion in student loan forgiveness

The United States has announced more than $9 billion in student loan forgiveness

In total, 125 thousand people will benefit; More than 40 million Americans have student loan debt

The US government announced this Wednesday (4.Oct.2023) another US$9 billion in student loan waivers, benefiting 125,000 people. Here it is completeness of the report (PDF – 77K, in English).

On that note, the White House is based on action “The Biden-Harris administration has done everything to make college more affordable and ensure that student loans are no longer a barrier to opportunity for students and families.”.

Of those granted, 53,000 will receive debt relief under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program — aimed at public employees and employees of non-profit organizations.

In practice, the program forgives the student loans of those who have served at least 10 years in public service and have already paid 120 loan installments.

Another 51,000 people will receive amnesty under the program, which targets low-income people. People who have worked for 20 years or more and whose student loans have never been discharged will be covered, even if they qualify.

and 22,000 persons with disabilities “total or permanent” The government will also write off their student loans.

Biden had already announced other student loan forgiveness measures in 2022 and 2023.

Forgiveness in justice

The US Supreme Court has already rejected President Joe Biden’s plan to forgive $430 billion in student loans. The program will benefit about 43 million Americans. The resolution was approved by 6 votes to 3.

The suit was filed by Republican leaders from Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and South Carolina. They said the plan would take away the power of the nation’s legislatures, threaten the power of states and the money state agencies earn. That service is student loans.

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