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The United States detects and monitors a balloon of unknown origin near Hawaii

The United States detects and monitors a balloon of unknown origin near Hawaii

Washington – US Armed Forces we Discover a new airship, of unknown origin, flying over the coast Hawaiialthough they said on Monday, the first, that there was no indication that it was operated or controlled by “foreign actors or competitors.”

A Pentagon spokesman told the EFE news agency that last Friday the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration “discovered and spotted” an “unmanned” balloon near Hawaii, at an altitude of 10,972.8 meters.

“Although it flew at an altitude used by civil aviation, it did not pose any danger to aviation in Hawaii,” the source said.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. A recommendation from the army not to take any action against the balloon filming: Michael Reynolds/EFE – 4/27/2023

The spokesperson said the device did not pass “directly” through any “sensitive” defense infrastructure or any “sensitive” government site.

He explained that, based on information obtained through observing the balloon, the Minister of Defence, Lloyd Austin, had accepted the recommendation of the armed forces commanders that “it is not necessary to take any action against the balloon”.

The aircraft is now out of Hawaii’s airspace and territorial waters, although it continues to be monitored in cooperation with the FAA.

In late January, a Chinese “spy” balloon circled over the continental United States until it was shot down by the US Air Force over Atlantic waters on February 4.

The device flew over several regions of the country for days, such as the state of Montana (northwest), where one of the three nuclear missile silo fields in the United States is located.

This event increased tension between the United States and China. Beijing admitted that the airship was its own, but argued in its defense that it had been lost and that it had been used for meteorological purposes rather than for espionage purposes.

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According to the leaked Pentagon documents I posted Washington PostIn addition to the balloons it discovered in late January, the US government has discovered at least three more Chinese “spy” balloons. One flew over an aircraft carrier group, and the other crashed in the South China Sea./ EFE