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The United Kingdom is investing in environmental change projects in Brazil

The United Kingdom is investing in environmental change projects in Brazil

The UK Embassy will invest in eight environmental change and bioeconomy projects in Brazil. A joint announcement with the Brazilian government took place in Brasilia at the end of March. Thus, countries have signed eight climate-related partnerships.

Brazil's National Bioeconomy Secretariat is the organization responsible for the partnership. On the UK side, in addition to the country's embassy, ​​all three ministries are participating in the project. But the partnership is a strategy between the two countries from 2023 on issues related to sustainable development and energy transition.

During this period, the United Kingdom has already invested more than R$3 billion through International Climate Finance (ICF) in Brazil. British Ambassador to Brazil Stephanie Al-Khaq said the partnership was the result of governments' shared vision that climate change exacerbates inequalities and that environmental change is a beacon for economic growth.


Eight schemes involve states, ministries or banks in the country. Check out some of the list below:

1 – Support to the Ministry of Finance in the construction of a new environmental transformation program.

2 – Support the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in the formulation of the new Brazilian Bioeconomy Strategy.

3 – Support Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Finance in reviewing sustainability criteria of Safra project.

4 – Support in setting up a green investment pipeline considering the Technology Needs Assessment Study of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

5 – Support to Caixa in mobilizing green investments for Brazil.

6 – Support BNDES in mobilizing green investments for Brazil.

7 – Support the State of Minas Gerais in mobilizing green investments to implement its Climate Action Plan goals.

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*This content is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda. In this case, SDG 17 – Partnerships and Implementation Mechanisms.

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