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The United Kingdom declares that crabs, crabs and octopuses are on the alert

The United Kingdom declares that crabs, crabs and octopuses are on the alert

The country funded a study conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science to assess the sense of existence of these animals. The aim of the research is to find out whether animals such as crabs, crabs and octopuses feel pain and have self-awareness.

The conclusion of this study is that there is strong evidence that cephalopods and crustaceans are self-aware. As a result, new UK law will be the basis for protecting and ensuring the welfare of animals.

What the law is about

The plan was named the “Animal Welfare (Sentiens) Bill”, similar to the Animal Welfare Bill (Sentiens) in Portuguese.

With this name, one can already have an idea of ​​what this law aims for: the welfare of sentient beings. This concern arises because of the widespread sale of economically interested animals and culinary delicacies.

This law has been in effect for some time, but it only covers vertebrates. Because cephalopods and crustaceans do not have a well-defined skeletal system, they are not covered by the frame, although they have a complex central nervous system.

When it comes into force, the law will allow for studies of the quality of life that emerges from the natural habitat of these animals and their breeders. It is recommended to take care of the plants and to create specific groups for the protection of crabs, crabs and octopuses.

Cephalopods and crustaceans

Octopuses and squid are the main representatives of cephalopods, which are animals with “legs on the head”.

They are marine predators and can change color as a defense mechanism or for breeding. Also, their nervous system is very complex and some research shows that they can learn skills and that they feel pain.

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As for crustaceans, they are animals with a protective shell for the body and their main representatives: crabs, crabs, shrimps and crabs.

These animals are of great importance in the food chain and in the economies of many countries because they are commercially available for human consumption.

Also, since there is already evidence that animals such as crabs, crabs and octopuses feel pain, scientists recommend avoiding cooking them alive.

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