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The UK's new promise will one day reach F1 - World of Motorsport

The UK’s new promise will one day reach F1 – World of Motorsport

Aspiring to follow the careers of world motorsport’s young drivers in search of a dream one day Go to F1 There were reasons to keep an eye on the platform Ginetta JrChampionship played UKweek end.

There is a condition of Snetterton marked the introduction of Freddie Slater In his first appearance outside of karting.

Slater is one of the greats of British karts and has a track record full of achievements: in 2020, he became world champion in the OKJunior category. Last year, he finished the decisive heat in the lead, but twice escaped the world championship because he was penalized by five seconds for overtaking another driver. He is European Champion in OKJunior category in 2020 and has been in many competitions in Mini category.

Although not well known outside the UK, the Ginetta Junior is a championship that has attracted many well-known competitors such as Lando Norris, Enzo Fittipaldi and Jamie Chadwick.

Most European countries require you to be 15 years old to ride in F4, whereas its popularity is due to allowing 14-year-olds to compete. Thus, it ends up being an option for those who want to get mileage in fast cars early in their career.

Freddie Slater at Ginetta Jr. 2022

However, Slater’s debut was not as significant. His best result came in the first heat when he finished seventh out of 20 riders in a race marked by a series of retirements. In other races, he finished 14th and 15th. British Josh Rowledge, R Racing’s rookie teammate, wins one of the races and leads the championship.

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Either way, you can’t really take the decision for granted. Slater debuts with a season already riding high in the championship with many players. The most important thing, this time, is to see how the adaptation to heavier equipment than the kart and a more detailed circuit will be.

It now remains to be seen whether Slater will switch to single seaters as early as 2023 or stick with karting for another year. After all, despite coming close to winning the World Championship in the last two years, his first season in the OK division was not easy, only taking 21st place in the European final classification. The question remains: is it worth staying in the sport for another season and trying to get back on track, or is it better to start your career in Formula cars sooner rather than later? It’s worth watching what he’s up to.