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The UK will have its first TV-covered trial

The UK will have its first TV-covered trial

The From this Thursday, television cameras will be allowed to enter trials in the UK. But only a few minutes in each case.

According to British channel SkyNews, television broadcast time will be limited to the judge handing down the sentence and explaining the reasons for it, with a time interval to avoid violent or abusive reactions on the part of the accused.

The first televised sentence in the country will be at the Central Criminal Court, known as the Old Bailey, in London. Ben Oliver, 25, will be on trial after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter against his elderly grandfather, who allegedly stabbed him.

Viewers can see what happens inside the courtroom for about 30 minutes, but the cameras are fixed on the judge without the defendant present or even the victims, jurors, lawyers and witnesses.

The introduction of cameras in British courts follows a long campaign by major British broadcasters. Courts are always open to the public, but most have only a few seats, meaning people often have to rely on eyewitnesses such as court reporters.

Chambers were permitted in Scottish courts in 1992, and are permitted to varying degrees in courts around the world, notably in Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

In the United States, few judgments are broadcast in full and often in very revealing detail.

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