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The UK will end unisex bathrooms in new buildings

The UK will end unisex bathrooms in new buildings

The UK government recently announced a new requirement banning gender non-binary bathrooms – gender identities that are not limited to either male or female – on commercial premises.

As a result, buildings to be built and those needing renovation must follow the “new” standard.

The policy stipulates mandatory separate bathrooms for men and women, under the pretext of “protecting the dignity, privacy and safety of everyone.”

The measure is specifically designed for women and the elderly, who feel disadvantaged as public bathrooms are increasingly converted into non-binary gender facilities.

It's controversial… Transgender rights activists consider it a step backwards and point out that gender-neutral bathrooms are more comfortable for transgender men and women who fear discrimination in binary bathrooms.

On the other hand, Kim Badenoch, UK Minister for Women and Equalities, said:

“It is important that everyone has privacy and dignity when using public facilities. However, the move to ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms has removed this basic right for women and girls.

The government even said that some children are avoiding using toilets at school because they only have access to gender-neutral facilities.

The new building regulations, which are likely to come into force in 2024 after a consultation and transition period, will not apply to bathroom installations in residential bedrooms and care homes.

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