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The UK says US relations are good despite the friction

The UK says US relations are good despite the friction

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that relations with the United States were “as good as they have been for a long time”, despite the difficulties in moving towards a business and the lack of transparent coordination in the Afghan crisis.

Before meeting the US President, Joe BidenJohnson told the BBC that the meeting would be tense after the press reported that the prime minister would have to wait 36 ​​hours to speak with the US president when troops withdraw from Kabul.

Johnson called the bilateral relations good and said “the benefit of working with Biden and his administration” is their commitment to combating climate change, which is of particular concern to the British government. (COP26) in Glasgow in November.

Johnson’s desire to sign a free trade agreement with Washington after Brexit during his visit to the United States is a perspective raised by the former US president. Donald Trump, Progressing more slowly than expected.

However, he emphasized that the two countries had agreed to “end the veto on British beef and tariffs on Scotch whiskey”.

When asked by “Sky News” if he thinks he can negotiate a free trade agreement with Biden before his current term in the UK ends in 2024, Johnson said he is “confident” but warned that Americans are “negotiating hard”.

“We are moving forward with free trade agreements around the world, including in the United States,” he explained.

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