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The UK rescued 1,821 people in 24 hours from Afghanistan

The UK rescued 1,821 people in 24 hours from Afghanistan

Oh The United Kingdom was able to evacuate 1,821 people from Afghanistan in the last 24 hours, on a further 821 flights.

In a time-tested operation to evacuate more people from Kabul after the Taliban captured the city, Armed Forces Minister James Heppy said the British Air Force hopes to operate nine more aircraft the next day.

However, all point out that the UK will ask US President Joe Biden to evacuate the base of more than 4,000 people, and to extend the deadline for more civilian flights in the chaotic situation at the city airport. Keep in mind that US troops are coordinating operations to leave Afghanistan.

Boris Johnson will use this Tuesday’s emergency G7 meeting to pressurize Fiden to extend the deadline scheduled for Tuesday, August 31st.

However, this is a decision that does not apply only to Washington because the Taliban must also vote on the issue, and they are unlikely to be willing to extend this deadline.

Keep in mind that there are two airports in the city. The civilian airport is in the hands of the Taliban and there are no departing planes, the Americans control the military airport, and their presence there is scheduled until the end of the month. The Taliban are expected to take control on August 31 when 6,000 U.S. and British troops leave the airport.

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