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The UK is launching the NFT and plans to release crypto rules in May

The UK is launching the NFT and plans to release crypto rules in May

The UK wants to be a reference in the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies (Photo: pikisuperstar / Freepik)

Oh United Kingdom New country joined in the wave of Cryptocurrencies. Treasurer, Rishi SunakOn Monday (4) the government a NFT Official in the Northern Hemisphere (between June and September) next summer.

Currently, there are no details on the theme, size and value of the digital pieces to be released. Economic Secretary John Glenn called the tokens a symbol of the “forward approach” the country is taking towards cryptographic technologies.

This release is part of a broader UK drive to be a leader in crypto. “The country is working to create a dynamic regulatory landscape that welcomes technology,” Glenn explains.

According to the website Engadget, Now focusing on enforcing the welcome law for staplecoins in the payment infrastructure and removing “stumbling blocks” to investment funds through digital currencies. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are in the cross-chair of British authorities, arguing for their legal status.

The Financial Conduct Commission (FCA) is already examining a location. “Sandbox“Regulation and its first host plans”Crypto-Sprint”(” Crypto-Free Rush “, in free translation, refers to the disclosure of the rules, thus encouraging investment in crypto) May.

The government also forms the Crypto Assets Engagement Group, which includes representatives from the FCA, the Bank of England and several other organizations, which holds eight meetings a year.

The country’s economic secretary says he is aware of concerns about cryptocurrency fraud, theft and environmental damage, but decided to launch the NFT as an opportunity to join the movement and prosper if cryptocurrencies are launched.

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