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The UK is considering excluding a Chinese state-owned nuclear company from its plans

(Bloomberg) – The British government is exploring ways to exclude China General Nuclear, China’s state nuclear company, from all future plans in the UK, which is another sign that relations between the two countries are deteriorating.

The opinion of a person who does not want the risky projects to include the $ 20 billion ($ 27.5 billion) Sizewell C nuclear power plant, Suffolk’s partner Electric de France and the Broadwell-on-Sea project in Essex needs to be identified.

CGN is also 33% interested in the Hingley Point C facility currently under construction in Somerset and is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country. While the EDF predicts that five of the UK’s eight nuclear power plants will be permanently shut down by 2024, a setback in the new capacity to replace them could put the country at risk of not reaching the zero net emission target.

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CGN plans were previously published by the Financial Times on Sunday.

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