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The UK heatwave would have been 'impossible' without climate change

The UK heatwave would have been ‘impossible’ without climate change

Temperatures An astonishing maximum that hit England Impossible to achieve in recent weeks in the absence of human-induced climate change. This is what scientists from the Climate Research Group explain – according to them, the recent heat is only a preview of the heat waves, fires and droughts to come in the coming years.

The results come from scientists at the World Weather Attribution Panel, which brings together climate scientists after extreme weather events to determine whether climate change has increased the chances of such an event. During this time they examined weather stations at Granwell, Lincolnshire, St. James Park and Durham and co are different Temperature records In the past.

Photo: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay/ Canaltech

Using a series of mathematical models, they assessed how climate change affects the weather. “Because we know so well how many different greenhouse gases have been introduced into the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution, we can take these things out of the model and simulate what a world without climate change would look like,” said Dr. Friederike Otto, chairman of the board.

Thus, scientists were able to compare a world without 1.1°C warming with this temperature increase. According to her, high temperatures like the one seen in London are rare and are expected to occur every 500 to 1,500 years – only if, as the world warms, The probability of this extreme heat And happens more often.

Otto warns that if the UK is to keep extreme heat from being a rare occurrence, it must quickly achieve carbon neutrality – that is, stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. “Every little bit of heat really makes it There are many types of events And even hotter”, he concluded.

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Source: BBC

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