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The UK has accused the two countries of abandoning citizens in Afghanistan

The UK has accused the two countries of abandoning citizens in Afghanistan

Lawyers and activists condemned the newspaper Defender British civilians of Afghan descent have not yet been expelled from Kabul following the Taliban’s capture.

According to reports, about 50 multinationals returned their British passports at the airport in the Afghan capital, but were discriminated against during the evacuation process.

Recently, Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb said all individuals who want to leave the country have now returned to the UK.

“British imperial citizens – with documents in hand – mostly those who wanted to leave the country have already returned home,” Rob said.

Hamid Karzai was waiting at the international airport to leave the capital, Kabul, after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 21, 2021. [Sayed Khodaiberdi Sadat/Agência Anadolu]

Colin Yeo, a lawyer who specializes in immigration, urged Robb to avoid the discriminatory use of the word “monopoly” and reiterated that there is no basis in British law for distinguishing citizens of the country regardless of second nationality.

Sabir Jazai, executive director of the Scottish Refugee Council, stressed that the treatment of such bilateral citizens was tantamount to discrimination.

“Parallel to the Windrush,” Gajeeb said, in which British citizens of Caribbean descent were detained and threatened with deportation.

“If whites, women and children are pushed into the crowd, we will evacuate them safely,” he noted.

“The UK has a duty to treat all citizens with full equality. However, given the current alarming situation, British citizens – are being treated with great discrimination,” he added.

“I understand the team [da Secretaria de Relações Exteriores] We have been working hard in the UK and in Kabul … but this is a failure due to the lack of preparation of the British government. The lives of these people are in danger, ”Jazai concluded.

Law firm Duncan Louis Solicitors stressed the discriminatory effect imposed on waiting individuals in Kabul: “British citizens should be treated equally with the same urgency, even if they are Afghan citizens.”

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