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The UK advises against unnecessary trips to Spain

The UK advises against unnecessary trips to Spain

Anne-Marie Trevlion, Secretary of State for the British Economy, today asked that the Spanish government lift restrictions on tourist entry from the United Kingdom, but do not travel to Spain except in emergencies.

Speaking to Sky News, Trevlion said Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “clear” about not taking leisure trips or vacations to places that have been added to the “yellow list” by the British government, including Spain, France or Italy.

While low-infection countries are exempt from isolation, including those on the “green list” or Portugal, travelers to places classified as yellow must remain in isolation for 10 days and perform at least two diagnostic tests on return. United Kingdom.

Countries on the “red list” are subject to travel bans and only British nationals or foreigners residing in the UK must be segregated at a designated hotel.

“The truth is that at this time, the countries in yellow have not met the criteria established by our scientists to turn green,” he said, adding that he hoped the situation would change “in time”.

“The recommendation remains: don’t go for it unnecessarily, remember that if you have, you should be isolated and supervised for ten days,” he said.

For his part, Fernando Valdes, Secretary of State for Tourism in the Spanish government, told Sky News that he hoped the vaccine would progress and that the virus would spread to other parts of the region. Spain could be added to the green list in the next London review in early June.