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The Twitter profile says the couple announced their separation to actually share

The Twitter profile says the couple announced their separation to actually share

Rio de Janeiro, May 11, by Flavia Furtado – Today (11), profile on Twitter We gossip about a celebrity couple who announced their breakup, but it was actually a strategy to get into a reality show MTV. See more information on the website Prime Minister’s Notes.

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According to the “Desembuxa Online” profile, the couple adopted the strategy of participating in the show De Férias com o Ex, on MTV. Also according to the profile, one will enter as the participant and the other will be the former. However, they will make reconciliation within the attraction.

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Soon after the publication, many netizens made guesses about this couple. However, the profile that reported the truth did not reveal the names of the celebrities, which caused huge repercussions among network users.

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Netizens comment on the news

Although the names were not revealed, many netizens gave their opinion and said who they think he is. At first, many said that it was the ex-spouse Bill Araujo and Erica Schneider who recently announced their separation on social media.

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Then Bil’s fan files came to the defense of the influencer and denied that such an idol had such a situation. In addition, they also defended Erica, saying that the model “will not lend itself to this role.”

Finally, a netizen issued a note of Bell’s advice, in which he denied his participation in the reality show and claimed that it was fake news. However, the counselor did not talk about the end of Bell’s relationship with Erica for not commenting on the personal lives of his advisors.

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MTV is another edition of De Férias com o Ex Celebs

According to journalist Fefito, from the UOL portal, MTV will launch another issue with famous De Férias com o Ex. According to the journalist, the production wants Bill to be on the team of attraction and this information was rejected on the boy’s advice, then.

If Bil was in fact with the broadcaster, it would be the boy’s fourth reality show, who has already participated in BBB, No Limit, and A Fazenda. There is no release date, and recordings are scheduled for June and July of this year.

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