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The timing of the exit from Afghanistan says the UK must "capture every minute."

The timing of the exit from Afghanistan says the UK must “capture every minute.”

Two decades later Afghanistan Led international forces United States, Were Forced to leave in a hurry With repeat Taliban To power. Thousands of people are waiting to leave the country until August 31. Despite the cooperation of many countries, the success of the evacuation process depends on the Americans controlling the international airport in Kabul.

Ben Wallace, UK Secretary of Defense, agrees “There are more than six thousand people in the United States at the airport in Kabul, and when they leave, they will take with them the structure that allowed people to leave the country, it is not possible for us to stay after leaving the United States“.

However, he adds, “If they stay a couple more days, we will have a couple more days to evacuate people from the country. It’s not weeks anymore, it’s hours, and we have to take advantage of every minute. “

The need to find solutions called for the UK G7 emergency meeting This Tuesday. The British press reports that Boris Johnson wants to ask Joe Biden to extend his presence in Afghanistan, even though the Taliban have already advised against it.

Although Withdrawal of citizens Being on the agenda, the G7 meeting will help to get medium and long term solutions above all else, i.e. possible Barriers must be used The Taliban regime should encourage this Human rights violation Allow to work in the country or its territory Refuge for extremists.