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“The third dose is complete. Thanks for the flag.”

By Emmanuel Viuka, December 16, 2021, on TV Shows

Flavio Insinna reveals to L’Eredità: “I received my third dose of the vaccine. I will always be grateful for knowledge.”

The answer was “dose”. guillotine number An episode of The Legacy tonight, Thursday, December 16, 2021. Precisely to comment on the word in question, in a period that is certainly very sensitive due to the vaccination against Covid, the owner Flavio Insinna, He linked it to one of the five guides, “the third”, and used it to invite viewers who had not yet been vaccinated to get vaccinated as quickly as possible, emphasizing: “I’ve already taken the third dose as well.”

Get the vaccine! I’m actually silent because they scolded me otherwise

Added shortly after.

Flavio Insinna and the appeal to L’Eredità: “Get vaccinated. I thank science and my father for their teaching…”

“If we are not all vaccinated, we will not go out […] I will always be grateful to science and my father who taught me the basics of science and medicine” more assured Flavio Encinna always in the end Today’s guillotine at L’Eredità, Finally select: “My father also taught me that when doctors talk, if you’re not a doctor, you should shut up!”

Legacy, nothing to do with the hero: he gave the word “MARCIA” in response to the guillotine but the winning word was “DOSE”

After giving “RUN” as the answer, the Tonight’s Legacy Champion No more than 10,000 euros can be refunded to seize guillotine, Precisely because the correct answer, as I mentioned earlier, was another.
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