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The thesis in theology was awarded as the best dissertation in Brazil by Capes

The thesis in theology was awarded as the best dissertation in Brazil by Capes

PhD in Religion from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), Louis Gabriel Provinantowas awarded the Capes de Tese Prize 2022, which honors the best doctoral work submitted in Brazil throughout 2021. Titled “Phenomenal Archeology and Christian Theology in Martin Heidegger’s Thought”, hypothesis was guided by the teacher Paulo Afonso de Araujo He defended in November last year.

The scholar started from the concepts of Martin Heidegger (above), the German philosopher (Image: Disclosure)

“My understanding is that the award is a form of recognition, which should be extended to everyone who has completed a period of research in a country implementing a project where science has failed,” Provenciato says. The decision to submit a thesis for the award was made by the fellow Postgraduate Program in Religious Sciences (PPCIR) from the UFJF.

The researcher mentions three points that may have highlighted his work among the competitors: The originality of the topic he dealt with. publishing articles and chapters, based on the topic arising from the research, in well-rated scientific books and journals; And the internationalization of the thesis – Through a Sandwich PhD scholarship, Provinciatto developed his studies at the University of Évora, in Portugal, between 2018 and 2019.

When philosophy and theology meet
Provinciatto’s research deals with the relationship between philosophy and theology. “My investigation helps to understand how theology is not the only way to say something about faith and how philosophy is not a way to ‘root’ faith to put reason in its place, something that seems to be part of the collective imagination,” he explains. “In my thesis, he showed how theology is described and responsible for the scientific language of faith. Faith, in the proper sense, is assumed as a way of being, which does not depend on theology to be confirmed, but can be affirmed not only, but also through it.”

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To this end, the researcher directed his studies from the conference “Phenomena and Theology” by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Another issue addressed in the thesis is “how the way of life of those who profess faith differs from the way of existence of those who practice philosophy, which helps to understand the difference between one and the other,” as Provenciato points out.

“UFJF has become, for me, a true house of knowledge”

Luis Gabriel Provenciato will receive an official award in December (Image: personal archive)

Regarding the reception he received at the UFJF – Provinciatto holds a master’s degree and graduated from PUC-Campinas, where he also works as a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy – the researcher assures that the development of all PhDs will not be. Possible without UFJF Professional Support, PPCIR Faculty Quality and Capes Funding Grant. “The award that is now given to me is the product of team building, with many hands, and therefore, I would like everyone in the university to be happy with it and with it.”

“I can only thank UFJF, for it has become for me a true home of knowledge. I have made friends who will walk with me for the rest of my life, I hope. I have met excellent professionals and teachers of unparalleled excellence, for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration, and I hope that I work with them for a long time in the field of religion and theology.”

Heads Thesis Award
To determine the winners, the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Chiefs) takes into account the originality and innovative nature of the theses and their relevance to Brazilian scientific, technological, cultural and social development. The winning authors will receive a postdoctoral fellowship at a national institution, as well as a certificate and medal. The work supervisor will win an award of up to R$3,000, in addition to a certificate also awarded for the postgraduate program in which the work has been defended. The official award ceremony takes place in December, in Brasilia.

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