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The teenage hacker is dedicated to protecting organizations from cybercrime

An ordinary teenager is preparing to face the probationary period, even if his life does not follow such a “normal” path. Jackson Henry, in the prime of his 17-year-old, coined the term “hacker” for those who knew him. In the world of technology, he is known as a “white hat”, or in plain English, an ethical hacker.

Photo: ABC News/Rhiannon Shine.

Teen hacker against cybercrime

Hacker and ethics in the same sentence and without being critical? Well, that was the nickname the teenager was given. For Jackson, the term “hacker” is still useful for naming crimes, but what sets them apart is the issue of unethical behavior. The boy’s job is to find holes in the system to help companies.

According to Jackson, vulnerabilities are found and then can be patched. This situation means that the system is always in an advanced state in the face of threats that may arise. It’s been a while, including, that the teenager was invading his space.

At the age of 15, Jackson was recognized by the United Nations (UN) for discovering a faulty configuration in the system that was exposing personal data of UN employees. The teenager, along with a group of “ethical hackers”, discovered more than 100,000 confidential records.

Through the Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), ethical hackers reported the system problem to the United Nations.

Cyber ​​attacks are real and happen frequently

In Australia, the need for cyber security has affected millions of people. According to a report by CyberCX, in order to provide security in the coming years, more than 30,000 new workers will be required in the region. Therefore, action will be urgent and strategic in order to combat cybercrime.

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In the United States, “ethical hackers” are rewarded when they help companies with their cyber vulnerabilities.