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The Taliban marched with US-made weapons to show their strength

Forces Taliban A military parade was held in the capital, Kabul Afghanistan, Using American armored vehicles and Russian helicopters seized this Sunday (14) to demonstrate that they have transformed from a rebel force into a regular army.

The Taliban have been active as rebel fighters for two decades, but the former Western-backed government used the vast stockpile of weapons and equipment left over when it came into force. Decline in August, In order to update your arsenal.

Defense Ministry spokesman Enaithullah Quarasmi said the march was the result of the graduation of 250 newly trained soldiers.

MI-17 helicopters patrolled the area, slowing down dozens of US-made M117 armored vehicles on one of Kabul’s main routes. Many soldiers were carrying American-made M4 assault rifles.

Most of the weapons and equipment now used by Taliban forces were donated to a Washington-backed government. United States He was involved in trying to create an Afghan National Army capable of fighting the rebels in Kabul.

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