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The STF will decide which review can pay R$10,000

The STF will decide which review can pay R$10,000

The Supreme Federal Court (STF) has been included in its agenda on FGTS Review (The Elderly Compensation Fund), a measure that could benefit millions of workers. Ministers will discuss the matter in session on April 20.

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The process wants to change the way the balance of linked accounts is corrected each year. Since 1999, the monetary restatement has been 3% per annum, plus the reference rate (TR), which is not even enough to cover inflation.

The demand is for the exchange of TR by an indicator capable of predicting inflation, such as the INPC or the IPCA, both of which are measured by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). In this way, there will be no financial losses for the shareholders.

Return up to 10 thousand Brazilian reals

If the Supreme Court decides in favor of the citizens, everyone with balance in FGTS accounts since 1999 will be able to receive up to R$10,000. This is just an average, as the actual amount depends on the length of contribution and wages received in the period.

The calculations were done by Tikal Tech, the company responsible for the LOIT FGTS platform. With it, the worker can calculate the value of his review for free, just with a simple registration.

To use the tool, access the fgts.loitlegal.com.br website and submit fund data (available on the FGTS website or app) indicating periods of operation since 1999. The platform quickly calculates how much you can get, even if you have already withdrawn resources in some stage.

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How to request a review

Find out how much you can earn if stf Judges in favor of workers, a citizen can file a lawsuit in court with a request for revision. For values ​​below the 60 minimum wage (about R$78,000), the application can be filed free of charge at the Federal Special Court.

The process will stop pending the decision of the ministers, but it is important to save the document. This is because the court may decide that only those who brought the lawsuit are entitled to correction, for example.

In any case, it is important to seek the help of a Social Security attorney to find out whether or not an FGTS review is worth it in your case. Although it is not a requirement, professional support makes the process easier and avoids any mistakes.