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The statue of the game character mysteriously appears in Max Fever’s garden in Susanoo

The statue of the game character mysteriously appears in Max Fever’s garden in Susanoo

Max Fever Park in Susanoo, Friday (12), blew up with a mysterious statue of a character from the world of video games.

According to information released by the city of Suzano, it is a 1.55-meter-high concrete statue of a character from the famous game franchise “The Legend of Zelda”, the goddess Hylia, which was installed by an unknown author in the Jardim da Paz Is Viveiro Municipal Tomoe Uemura, located behind the swimming pool Your local and next door to PlayPet.

According to the municipal administration, the event may be a tribute to the new game in the popular series developed by Nintendo, “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” which was launched globally on the same date. The sculpture in question is a representation of the entity present in previous titles of the franchise, notably in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, the predecessor to the new game.

Luana Bergamini / Secop Susanoo

According to the story of the game, the Goddess is a benevolent entity that, since the creation of the world, protects humanity through her powers, being the inspiring force of the kingdom of Hyrule, the main adventure stage in the series. She is the guardian of the various incarnations of the protagonists Link, a legendary warrior equipped with artifacts forged to fight evil, such as the Master Sword (Master Sword) and Hylian Shield (Hylian Shield), as well as Princess Zelda, bearer of divine wisdom bestowed on the royal family by the entity that now also inhabits Susanins Park.

Pleasantly surprised, the director of the municipal nursery, First Lady Larissa Ashiuchi, agreed, pointing to a similar case in 2018, when several sculptures from the Pokémon franchise were installed in Susanoo. “It is curious to see these obsessive cultural novelties, and we have an interesting history due to the statues that today adorn Expedicionários Square and have become a symbol of the municipality. As on that occasion, we congratulate the mysterious artist who presented this beautiful work that will be available to all who wish to know it, ”she said. .

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On the other hand, Mayor Rodrigo Ashiuchi commented that since it is a global launch for a major game, many municipalities and famous places should receive themed attractions, and Susanoo is one of them. “It was really a great surprise to see this statue, which will once again highlight our municipality for a fun and curious truth in a special history of the nerds and nerds community. We invite everyone to discover this mysterious work that will further beautify our garden.”

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