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“The starting team becomes the target…”; Mauro Cesar quotes Matheus Gonçalves and sends a message to the Flamengo players for Recoba’s decision.


Flamengo, holders of the reserves, beat Botafogo 1-0 yesterday (25). The journalist “sent a message” to the VP owners

Photo: Reproduction/Pat Pronto – Mauro César, sports journalist

Last Saturday (25), Flamengo beat Botafogo 1-0, with a goal by Matheus Gonçalves, with less than a minute of play, in the ninth round of the Carioca Championship. With the three-point win, Mais Querido increased his lead advantage, as he now had 23 points.

Now the focus has changed, Recopa’s rematch against Independiente del Valle could be a turning point for Vitor Pereira in the season. According to journalist Mauro Cesar, on his Youtube channel, Mengão’s victory in the classics, with a team full of boys, could put pressure on the reigning champions.

“This victory with a team full of boys and reserves, brought calm on the eve of a game that needed peace. From a physical point of view, the players who played in this match, with many boys, were more powerful in the match, scoring higher, which helped Matheus Gonçalves, who was reporting Only 17 years old, to score a goal.(…) The fans look and see this delivery, which was not seen at first, one of the reasons for their physical form(…) The owner of the team becomes the target of this criticism eventually, from the fans, Who want to see the team more when I have.”

Matheus Bonomi/Ajev – Flamengo players celebrate a goal by Matheus Gonçalves in the derby

Flamengo and Independiente del Valle will meet next Tuesday (28), in the Maracanã, at 21:30, in a match valid for the return of the Recopa final. The first match for the Ecuadorians was 1-0, and it is worth noting that there is no longer a criterion for away goals, so a simple victory leads to a penalty shootout, to be the direct champion, Robro Negro must win with two or more goals.

Is there a shortage of racing for Flamengo rookies?

Is there a lack of racing for Flamengo rookies?

No, the problem is another

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