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The sport turns the game around in 10 minutes and eliminates Corinthians in Copina

The sport turns the game around in 10 minutes and eliminates Corinthians in Copina

Sport turned on Corinthians in ten minutes and eliminated Timauzinho in the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior 2-1 on Saturday evening (14), at Arena Fonte Luminosa. Fabio and Nasum scored the goals of the match for Leao, while Felipe Augusto opened the scoring for Paulista’s team, who was the favorite in the match.

  • Corinthians opened the scoring with Felipe Augusto’s header 11 minutes into the first half
  • Sport equalized in the 20th minute of the second half with Fabio after an injury and hit in the penalty area
  • The turning point came at 30 on a new move inside the penalty area. And Nassom took advantage of the corner of the ball with his head in the net
  • Goalkeeper Kawe kept Corinthians’ save at 44 of the second half, defending two shots from close range.
  • Sport faces Cruzeiro in the round of 16 of the tournament

Sports hit the whole game. The team was not shy about conceding the goal at the beginning of the match and continued to attack throughout. The team has not yet been leaked during the tournament.

Juan Xavier distinguished himself from the sport. Number 10 gave the job when the ball was in his foot. He was the builder of movements and the Corinthian brand haunted him.

The replacement of Felipe Augusto has complicated Corinthians. The striker scored the goal for Sao Paulo and was the team’s most offensive player, but was substituted during the second half. The team missed the reference.

Tense moments. The greatest cup champions, Corinthians have been against the wall after the sport’s transformation. Support came from the fans and the players who were on the bench. The effort was not enough to stop the exclusion.

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The Corinthians goalkeeper had a great game. Kauê showed a lot of confidence during the match and made good defenses, especially towards the end of the match, when all the pressure was on Timãozinho.

“The sport is big, the Northeast is big. We’ve worked to be psychologically ready, our team has the experience, is old enough, knew how to follow the game, score the goal and keep your cool to play better,” said Agul, of Sports on Ranking.

data sheet

Sports 2 x 1 Corinthians
Date: 01/14/2023
Place: Arena Fonte Luminosa
hour: 7:30 pm (from Brasilia)
Yellow cards: Juan Xavier (SPT), Vitor Mir (COR), Paolo Victor (SPT)
Red cards:
Objectives: Felipe Augusto (CED), 11 minutes into the first half (0-1); Fábio (SPT), at 20 minutes into the second half (1-1); Nasum (SPT), 30 minutes into the second half

sports: Paulo Victor Devson, Ajl, Baraka, and Nasum; Fabio, Lucas and Juan Xavier (Charles Eduardo); Gene, Marcelo (Ronald) and Mattocinho. Technician: Lima sued.

Corinthians: Cayo. Ze Vitor (Gabriel Kybera), Renato and Murillo (Alemao) and Vitor Mir; Gabriel Muscardo, Matheus Araujo and Pedrino; Caique (Brino Bedone), Juninho (Abimail) and Felipe Augusto (Guilherme Enrique). Technician: Danilo Andrade.