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The Spanish Prime Minister has a plan to save energy: Don't wear ties |  Globalism

The Spanish Prime Minister has a plan to save energy: Don’t wear ties | Globalism

Prime Minister SpainPedro Sanchez gave a public show without a tie on Friday (29) and said this was a way to save energy.

The idea is that without a tie, a person spends less heat and does not need to cool the conditioned environment.

Sanchez also stated that he asked ministers, “All leaders in the public and private sectors, if they haven’t already done so, when it’s not necessary, don’t wear a tie.”

According to him, this is a way to contribute to energy saving, which is important for the country.

Sanchez made these statements using his overcoat.

Russia cuts gas supplies from the European Union in half

The Prime Minister announced that next week he must agree to urgent measures to improve energy efficiency. “Saving energy is everyone’s business and it’s a priority,” Sanchez said.

According to him, this will help reduce dependence on Vladimir Putin, whom he called the aggressor, as well as fight inflation.

Opposition questions the use of helicopters

Opposition politicians questioned talk of a tie. According to El Pais newspaper, representatives of the Popular Party stated that Sanchez flew by helicopter to the Torrejon de Ardoz base to board a plane bound for Brussels on the same day.

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