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The SN15 spacecraft lands perfectly in the test

The SN15 spacecraft lands perfectly in the test

The SN15 spacecraft ascended and landed quietly in the test conducted on Wednesday (5), in Boca Chica, Texas, where the SpaceX. a Rocket It rose around 5:25 pm local time (7:25 pm Brasilia time) and decreased after about five minutes. It’s the first time that a prototype of a company has made a perfect landing.

SN15 descended and landed vertically at the base. Once there, a small fire broke out at the bottom of the missile, but it was quickly contained. The success of the fifth altitude test was celebrated Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO.

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The SN15 prototype contains improvements in chassis, avionics, and software. On the other hand, motors allow more speed and efficiency during production and Flight. For the altitude test, the spacecraft was ascended with the help of three Raptor engines, each of which was closed when the vehicle reached its peak, at an altitude of 10 km above sea level.

Still according to SpaceXThe missile moved from propellant (fuel used in missiles The space) To the main internal reservoirs, where the landing thrust was located, before re-routing to re-entry and controlled descent.

Return to the base of the SN15 was an active dynamic control, performed by independent movement of the front and rear panels. These four panels were controlled using an onboard flight computer, which was able to manage altitude during flight and allowed for a correct landing.

The Raptor engines, which were turned off when the vehicle had reached the desired altitude, were turned on again before touching the platform during the landing maneuver.

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SN15 spacecraft climbing. Image: NASASpaceflight / reproduction

The test is carried out only one month after the explosion of the SN11 prototype during Flight, In Boca Chica. On March 30th, that spacecraft was launched and exploded only five minutes later, upon landing, leaving a trail of debris on the facilities. SpaceX.

With the SN15 test mastery, three spacecraft prototypes complete the activity. Before SN5 e SN6 It was used for “jumps” 150 meters high.

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