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The Six Smartest Personalities According to Science

The Six Smartest Personalities According to Science

Intelligence is a virtue, but no matter how hard you study, some just have an advantage over others. These are people who pass exams easily or who can talk about all the Brazilian capitals on a whim.

How smart someone can be can be completely subjective, and people can be smarter than others in different areas. But those who are among the most intelligent can be represented by certain personality types.

This is where the Myers-Briggs Index (MBTI) comes in. Using a self-reported questionnaire, the test determines whether you are inclined towards extroversion (E) or introversion (I); Sensing (S) or Intuition (N) is preferred; tends to be more thinking (T) or feeling (F); They are more judgmental (J) or perceptive (P).
These letters can be arranged to form 16 different types of characters, identified by their four-letter abbreviations — and experts say some of those types tend to be more intelligent.

Here are the most intelligent personality types, according to science.

1 – INTJ

Introverted, intuitive, overthinking, and judgmental people are more likely to have “stereotypical” intelligence. Thought is the main tool of an INTJ.

2 – INTP

Thought is actually the “main purpose of life” of INTPs. They are people who are more interested in the logical theories and systems that govern the world around them.

3 – ENFJ

The extroverted, intuitive, emotional, and judgmental types are also among the most intelligent. They may not be the type you think of when it comes to calculating difficult numbers, but they are in tune with others and know how to respond in a crisis.

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4 – ESTJ

These people are born to lead. They are flexible, always seeking, on the move, and considering the next best strategy. They think ahead of situations and people often feel threatened by them.

5 – ENTJ

ENTJs have this dominant ability to think introverted, which puts them on the list of the “smartest”. An ENTJ can take many sources of information and apply them to create a general theory that can be applied to a long-term view.

6 – ISTP

ISTPs learn by working with their hands. They are intelligent in the sense that they can learn to do anything that requires creativity or construction without much guidance.