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The sector takes a proposal to the ES government so that the events could bring together up to 700 people

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Barely affected by the restrictions imposed by the epidemic, the events and exhibitions sector has submitted a proposal for a gradual resumption of activities of the state government.

The Brazilian Association of Event Promoters (Abrape) in Espírito Santo specifies, among the proposals, the launch of cultural and entertainment events (concerts, parties, festivals, and events accessible through entry) immediately in cities of moderate risk for 300 people, so that they reach a limit of up to To 400 people if the entire priority audience and those with comorbidities are vaccinated.

In low-risk cities, these events would, at this time, increase capacity to 500 people. The number will increase to 700, if there is a complete vaccination of people with comorbidities and priority.

Currently, cultural and entertainment events are not permitted for a fee, and an online format is recommended. Only social events such as parties, graduations, weddings and birthdays are permitted for up to 300 people in low and medium risk municipalities. The event must not provide a dance floor and guests must wear masks.

“Our intention is to reconcile the return of our activities in a safe and responsible manner, supported by the scope of vaccination,” explains the entity’s regional director, Pablo Pacheco, indicating that the general limit will be extended because more people are vaccinated.

He explains that “when 70% of the population in general is vaccinated, juvenile rules can be suspended, because we will be in what is called collective immunity.”

Permissibility of vaccination

Another suggestion from the organization is to use some form of juvenile access control using evidence that the person has received a vaccine against covid-19. He described “the Ministry of Health’s application, ConecteSuS, that refers to vaccines obtained by people and thus serves as a passport to an event or show.”

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According to Pacheco, the plan is based on experiences in the entertainment sector already taking place in the United States and Europe, as activities start to return as vaccination progresses.

He points out that “we need to think about expanding the maximum limit for the small sector, which is the sector that suffers the most from this epidemic, which has already lasted 16 months.” He says the sector in Brazil stopped moving 1.8 billion Brazilian reals last year.

“Here in Espírito Santo, 10,000 workers lost their jobs and 4,500 small business owners had no income with 1,000 companies with affected cash flow,” he said.

The government will analyze

The Minister of State for Tourism, Línez Laurero, confirmed that Abrape’s proposal will be analyzed with the help of the Sesa State Department of Health technical staff. Abrape’s intention is interesting in light of the resilience in line with the greater reach of the vaccinated population.

“We have received the materials and Sesa is doing this analysis in light of this vaccination schedule the federal government has anticipated, which we hope will be met. Once these percentages are met, the idea is that we can actually make the activity more resilient in the country,” he plans.