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The second stage of forgotten money will witness surprises;  See what to expect

The second stage of forgotten money will witness surprises; See what to expect

receivable value system (SVR) from the Central Bank (BC) showing Brazilians if they have any forgotten money to receive from banks and other institutions.

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Resources have different sources of origin. A new phase is about to begin, this will ensure extra money to millions of Brazilians. In addition, updates are organized for The second stage of forgotten money🇧🇷 Check it out below!

Surprises from the new stage of receivables

During the first phase of SVR, it was possible to query the following place values:

  • arising from unrecovered funds from closed coalition groups;
  • arising from improperly charged premiums or expenses of credit operations which appear in a signed agreement with BC;
  • share capital and distribution of net surpluses to former members of credit unions;
  • From a closed checking or savings account with an available balance; And the
  • Incorrectly charged customs duties that appear in a signed agreement with BC.

Now, with the arrival of the new batch, the agency has stated that improvements to the system are coming. Other types of values ​​will be added to the above list. For example, the inclusion of the values ​​\u200b\u200bof deceased citizens was introduced, which did not happen in the previous stage.

Another novelty will include the cashback period. At the first stage, it was necessary to check whether there were amounts received and to specify when to return. In the second phase, this should change. BC intends to launch Counseling and Salvation together on the first day.

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When will the new phase of forgotten money begin?

Currently, the consultations are suspended, but the citizen is reassured that there is no risk of losing values. They will remain guarded by responsible institutions. Upon completion, BC will announce the date of reopening the system for new inquiries and redemption of existing balances.

The authority said it is already working on updates for the opening of the new phase. Dates are expected to be announced soon.