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Casa de Notícias

The second Casa de Notícias Festival of Science, Culture and Innovation expands the dialogue between the university and society

The event aims to expand the dialogue between the university and the community through a space aimed at exchanging knowledge and experiences about the various procedures developed at UFPR. All programs, based on no separation between teaching, research and extension, will be accessed from the platform UFPR OPEN, which covers the various digital tools of UFPR.
The schedule entitled “Challenges for Science and Public Universities in a Post-Pandemic Era” event will begin next Monday (22), at 2 pm. The activity will be led by UFPR Dean, Ricardo Marcelo Fonseca, Vice Dean, Graciela Bolzon de Muniz, and Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Francisco de Assis Mendonca. To discuss the topic, the table will be hosted by the President of the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science, Renato Janin Ribeiro. Gravity will be broadcast by canal da UFPR TV no YouTube.
Then, at 4pm, Professor Rita de Casilla dos Anjos, from the Department of Engineering and Exact Sciences in the Palotena Sector, will talk about the challenges of not being segregated in the academic track. It will also be sent by canal da UFPR TV no YouTube.
The closing table will be attended, on November 26 at 1:30 pm, by the Vice President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Helena Ponceani Nader, and, like the others, will be broadcast by Youtube.

point of science and innovation

Ponto de Ciência e Inovação will take place virtually and will be suitable for exchanging the results of projects or groups of scientific, technological, innovative and extension research. Initiatives that allow dialogue between science and the general public.

culture point

Ponto de Cultura will be made possible in a virtual way, but no less interesting for that. In it, through talks, virtual meetings and a cultural exhibition consisting of videos of free cultural productions, it will be possible to see the actions produced in the academic environment of the UFPR.

12 hedge

This annual event is promoted to announce the academic activities and programs coordinated by the Pro-Rectories of UFPR. In this edition, it will include the 19th Training Activities Meeting (EAF), the 19th Extension and Culture Meeting (ENEC), the 28th Science Initiation Event (EVINCI), the 13th Technology Innovation Event (EINTI), and the 2nd Conference on Diversity and Social Inclusion. in Research and Extension (EDISPE).
paying off Here The official rehearsal of the 12 Siepe.

How to participate?

To participate in the event, it is necessary to create an account on the platform. UFPR OPEN.
By reaching the icon of the second festival of science, culture and innovation, it is possible to find all the activities of the event: Ponto da Cultura, Ponto da Ciência and 12 SIEPE.
With the icon of the 12th SIEPE, it is possible to browse the rooms, discover all the action of the event, and access the videos of the sessions. It is important to register for the sessions you wish to attend to obtain certification.

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EAF, ENEC and EDISPE participants must check their rehearsal, and note the time and name of their simultaneous session, the so-called conversation wheels. It is necessary to access the Open UFPR platform and in the room there is an icon indicating which session will take place on the Teams platform. During the sessions, the videos will not be shown, as there will be moments of dialogue between the various institutional programs and the moderators will ask questions to the participants.

Listening participants can also obtain a certificate, and for this, they must register on the Open UFPR platform.
The organization’s support room, accessible from the UFPR Open homepage, will be available on days of concurrent events to clarify doubts and resolve issues.