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The screenwriter tells what the original ending of the series will be

The screenwriter tells what the original ending of the series will be

WandaVision It was the first series of Marvel Cinematic Universe No Disney + The arrival caused an uproar, resulting in a drastic change in direction scarlet witch Next in the franchise. Here, we see her creating her perfect reality, until everything collapses and she finds herself in need of a goodbye sight one more time. However, some things may be completely different in the original end of the text, especially in the construction of Wanda Maximov e Agatha Harkness

In a new interview given to rolling rockThe main screenwriter and Show from the series, Jack Schaeffer, brought new details about how it will be WandaVision Originally, especially its end. I made it clear again Agatha Harkness will not be evil, but she is a teacher to Wanda, as she is in the comics. But the interesting thing here is how the final episode will deal with the final farewell between the heroine and the vision:

“In the original idea, Agatha was much more than a mentor on the subject of magic. One of the things we never changed was that in the end, Wanda had to say goodbye to Vision. In my original concepts, this parting would be the last binding spell you had to do And that would be related to a spell that Agatha had taught her at the beginning of the series, when the kitchen utensils are broken, and Agatha would have taught Wanda this simple spell to fix. So, in the end, she needs to combine all of her trauma and connect her vision with this spell. It’s over. by Agatha to become a more hostile force, because we needed that in the show.”

in magic,Mantra bindingIt serves a lot—it is usually used to unite people in love spells—. In the case of the series, the idea was to reattach Wanda Maximov to this vision she had created herself, to merge back into her memories and traumas. That is, rather than just melting into hex, the robot will be “re-absorbed” by scarlet witch.

Agatha Harkness was originally Wanda’s mentor on the series. With changes in direction, I became an opponent.

In addition, Schaeffer also clarified that the . file Chaos magic, the source of Wanda’s powers, will be explored further in the series. She says they even thought about showing a “dimension of chaos”, where would that energy come from once they were hired Matt ShukmanEpisodes manager. However, the idea ended up being abandoned as there was no need to show this other than what was explained in the series:

“There was a bigger dissection of the Chaos Magic idea in the writers room. When did we set Matt [Shakman]There was a good period when we tried to create a dimension of chaos, which ended up not working because it wasn’t necessary.”

We know that a scarlet witch He will appear again in other films of Marvel Cinematic Universe –– And this time, she will have magical powers, just like in the comics. Also, fans speculate that Agatha Harkness He will also return at some point, this time as a proper mentor for Wanda. Much of this must be revealed in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessAnd the Which will open next year, but until then we’ll have to wait and see.

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WandaVision Available in Disney +.

Below, see everything you need to know about Agatha Harkness: